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Welcome to The All New Sony Ericsson Portfolio for 2011
Latest News
Spotted in the Wild
Smartphone Rumours
Announced Phones and Devices
Press Quotes

Latest News
7 December - First live pics of Nozomi have surfaced, see spy section for the link.
30th November - A rendering of Nozomi taken from what looks like an SE product page has been leaked showing a slim, white device with very high screen real estate. See spy section.
10th November - Nozomi / LT26i due to be announced at CES in January according to the latest rumours. Xperia Play 2 has not been ruled out.
5th November - Live spy pics of Nozomi have appeared. See spy pics below.
27th October - Sony buys out Ericsson. Rumours are that Sony mobile phones are already in development and could appear at MWC.
25th October - Spypic of Nozomi has appeared see below.
20th October - pic take by Nozomi (LT26i) appears on picasa confirming 12MP cam resolution at least.
17th October - ISO adjustment coming to SE cameras as well a full redesign of the Music UI which could allow deeper customisation of the equaliser settings.
13th October - See spypics for a picture of a rumoured new dual core Walkman. Xperia Ray II rumoured to be in the region of 6-7mm thin.
6th October - News blogs reporting that Sony Corp is close to a deal to buy out Ericsson's half of Sony Ericsson. See here.
3rd October - Sony Ericsson ‘Aoba’ & ‘Nozomi’ 1.5GHz dual-core phones appear in benchmark. source
1st October - New LiveView is to be announced on Monday 3rd October.
17th September 2011 - Xperia Play 2 has not been ruled out by Sony Ericsson. 'Nozomi' landing March 2012. See smartphone rumours.
25th August 2011 - A new handset called the Neo V (five) is announced, designated the MT11i. Also, news reaches us that the SO-02D is to be marketed globally. See Smartphone rumours for more details.
22nd August 2011 - Sony Ericsson Live (WT19) announced today.
21st August 2011 - Details have emerged of what looks like a Pro version of the Xperia Ray, featuring a 1Ghz processor. The designation of this phone is SK19i.
17th August 2011 - Announcement of 1 or more 'higher' end device before October, possibly in the form of an optimised and rejigged Arc.
1 August 2011 - New Xperia in development under the codename MT11i running Android 2.3. More details to follow.
9 July 2011 - Xperia Duo rumoured to make a splash this coming September, bolstered with a large marketing campaign.
22 June 2011 - Xperia Ray and Xperia Active announced today in Singapore. See Announced Phones section. Duo availability for Q4 with 1.4Ghz dual core processor.
20 June 2011 - A rendering of the Xperia Duo unearthed.
31 May 2011 - Spypics of ST18i reveals a slimmer Android device to be announced, showing Gingerbread 2.3.3. See spypics.
18 May 2011 - WT13i specs discovered. Aino sized Walkman phone. A total of 8 Android devices to be released this year by Sony Ericsson.
5 May 2011 - Next Gen Mini Range Announced. Walkman phone destined for the Chinese market has been uncovered named the WT18. Link in spy section.
30 April 2011 - X8 replacement in the works (ST18i). Next announcement rumoured to be 8th of May.
28 April 2011 - Three new phones to be announced 1st week of May. link
27 April 2011 - CK15i/a info unearthed link
26 April 2011 - Sony Launches S1 and S2 tablets. See Misc section.
21 April 2011 - Official pictures and specs have been unearthed of a Walkman version of the X8 or as it will be known - the W8. See spy section
20 April 2011 - further HQ pics of the black SK17i pictured being tested. See spypics.
6 April 2011 - Another spypic of the white SK17i unearthed,as well as other titbits including the commercial package for a 'W15' handset rumoured to be Walkman+Android. See spypics section for latest link.
5 April 2011 - More Mini Pro 2 HQ pictures have surfaced see below. More Xperia Arc variants destined for Docomo and KDDI have been uncovered. Further details to come.
25 March 2011 - LTE phones have been confirmed as being on the roadmap and several more CDMA phones will be coming to the US. See Press Quotes.
12 March 2011 - A spypic of what appears to be a white 2nd generation Xperia Mini unearthed. See spy section. Sony Ericsson aiming to corner the US market with 9 high end Android phones for 2011. Source
5 March 2011 - A source has revealed that a successor to the popular Walkman W995 is due to make an appearance this Summer, along with the introduction of the all new Mini Pro. Other info as and when. Spy pics of a WP7 device have appeared, along with a slider phone for KDDI in Japan.
27 February 2011 - A High Quality 17MP Imaging Sensor developed by Sony could appear on SE phones. source.
21 February 2011 - Japanese carriers Docomo and KDDI both announcing new SE phones this coming week.
19 February 2011 - Jan Uddenfeldt talks about the US. See Press Quotes section.
17 February 2011 - Sony Ericson to double the number of Android handsets available this year. Read the CNET interview with Bert Nordberg in the Press Quotes section below.
15 February 2011 - A new sleeker version of the clever LiveView wrist watch is in development link in the Accessories section.
13 February 2011 - Xperia Pro, Neo and Play announced this afternoon.
11 February 2011 - More info leaked regarding the Mini2 Pro.
8 February 2011 - Xperia Play to be available this coming April on all UK networks. Android with Xenon could appear in the second half of 2011.
6 February 2011 - Sunday 13th February at 18:00hrs GMT will be the next announcement from Sony Ericsson after the times of their next global announcement were posted on their facebook page.
30 January 2011 - A phone designated MT16i has been uncovered on No further details as yet.
23 January 2011 - A pro version of Hallon is rumoured to exist. Details could appear soon.
20 January 2011 - more details of Hallon or the MT15i have appeared. See Smartphone Rumours.
14 January 2011 - NFC technology for mobile payments is very close according to SE. They also confirmed the continuation of the Mini range for 2011. See press quotes section for the links.
07 January 2011 - Numerous pictures appearing of Xperia Play appearing. Plus, more pics of the HD capable Mini Pro successor from See pic 2 spy section.
06 January 2011 - Xperia Arc announced. See Announced phones section for the link.
05 January 2011 - Media pics and video of the Xperia Arc (Anzu) have surfaced, see Pic 3 and Vid 1 in the spy section.. Sony Ericsson is gearing up to announce the Xperia Arc or Anzu at CES in the next couple of days as confirmed by posters of the phone having being unfurled at the event itself. See Miscellaneous section for the link.
04 January 2011 - HQ pics of the new PS Phone or Xperia Play outed over on engadget. See pic2 in the spy section.
02 January 2011 - PS Phone or Xperia Play is rumoured to be announced for CES from 6th - 9th Jan.
29 December 2010 - Spy pics have appeared showing a new device, rumoured to be the X10 Mini and Pro successor, on benchmark testing, sourced from See below for the link and Smartphone Rumours section for more info.
27 December 2010 - Another spy pic of Hallon has appeared. See pic 2 in the spy section below.
26 December 2010 - Further information has appeared regarding Sony Ericsson Android smartphone offerings including a spypic of Hallon - Vivaz with Android.
21 Dcember 2010 - The discovery of European trademark filings by Sony Ericsson have revealed that the joint venture has moved to protect the following brandnames, Xperia Arc, Xperia Duo, Xperia Neo and Xperia Play. See Smartphone Rumours below for more info.
5 December 2010 - High quality video of PSPhone has appeared see vid2 in the Spy pic section.
3 December 2010 - New spy pic of what appears to be Anzu has surfaced. See pic2 in the Spy pic section.
1 December 2010 - Sony Ericsson's eagerly anticipated and long awaited 'PSPhone' (or the Z1) has been spotted in the wild. The phone, rumoured to appear under the Xperia brand, is due for official announcement either December 9th or at Mobile World Congress in Februrary. Detailed specifications are yet to be finalised however, much speculation has taken place as regards to the gaming ecosystem which will be put in place and hardware specs. posted a video of the phone which can be found here. More details below.
Spy Pics
First live pics of the black version of Nozomi see here.
Nozomi product page crop - here.
Nozomi live pics have at last appeared see here.
Nozomi spied showing a a black and white casing see here.
A spypic of a new dual core Walkman has been unearthed see here.
Rendering of Xperia Neo V unearthed. See here.
Spypics of ST18i. here.
Chinese WT18i can be seen here.
Information regarding the new Walkman W8 can be found here.
Picture of the black
Picture of the white SK17i and the battery cover of 'Acro'. here.
Spy pic of upcoming Xperia Mini or Mini Pro in white and black can be seen here
and the latest pics here.
Spy pics of the SOX02 for KDDI. here and here.
Spy pics of the black WP7 Slider device. here and here.
Spy pics of Mini / Mini Pro device. pic 1 pic 2 Black HQ pics.
PSPhone or Zeus R800i - pictures leaked by engadget back in October. pic 1 pic 2pic 3 - with psp go vid1 vid2.
Anzu or Xperia Arc has also already been outed see more details: pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pics Vid 1
Hallon or MT15i / MT15a Vivaz lookalike with Android and non-qwerty, 3.5mm jack and 3.5" screen. This phone is also rumoured to exist with a slide out keypad similar to the Vivaz Pro. pic 1 pic 2.
MS430 Speakers spotted. On the SE site but not officially announced. here. video
Smartphone Rumours

List of unannounced phones
- W23i - Dual Core Walkman phone
LT26i - 1.4Ghz, 4.3" screen Android to be announced soon..
Xperia Duo
CK15i / CK15a Feature phone
W15 - Android Walkman

W23i - A dual core Walkman has been unearthed and from the spypic this phone is roughly 12mm thick, has human curvature with the 3.5mm jack and music buttons on the top of the device. When this is due to surface is yet unknown. The design is far removed from the current crop of devices in the portfolio. A camera aperture is also present but there does not seem to be a flash.

Nozomi / LT26i a phone originally thought to be exclusive to NTTDocomo in Japan is to be released globally. Details are a bit scarce but it is rumoured to be powered by a 1.5Ghz ST-Ericsson dual-core chip, 1GB ram and have a 1280x720 3.5 - 3.7" display, it has been confirmed that the chip used is manufactured by ST-Ericsson.

Further rumours also suggest that both Nozomi (and the Pureness 2) will not have a removable battery.

See spypics for picture.

A successor to the Xperia Play has not been ruled out by Sony Ericsson

Android and Xenon
An Android smartphone featuring Xenon flash could appear in the second half of 2011.

Xperia Duo - The name for this Hi End device was trademarked at the same time as Xperia Play, Neo. It is rumoured to be superior to the Xperia Arc in every way and may be infact Sony Ericsson's first Dual Core phone. Sony Ericsson fans will also be pleased to learn that it is also rumoured to feature a Xenon flash, much missed on the last crop of smartphones. The rendering shows a device with a large edge-to-edge screen in the region of 4-5", human curvature and possible Xenon assisted optics. Latest rumours are availability in Q4.

Rumoured specs for the Duo are:
- Dualcore @ 1.4Ghz.
- 4.3-4.5 inch and higher resolution than Xperia arc .
- 12 OR 16 megapixel , Xenon flash with full hd " Exmor R " .
- 1,5 GB RAM .
- 8 GB internal memory .
- Battery 2500 mAh .

A successor to the W995 will appear in the Summer of this year. The W995 ran on Sony Ericsson's own OSE and features an 8MP AF Cam and 3.5 mm jack.
The Pureness II is in the pipeline, albeit still at the design stage by the looks of things. The Pureness I was a slimmed down mobile phone, stripped of all the usual mobile communication technology that is shoehorned into mobile phones these days.
A new sleaker LiveView wrist watch is in the pipeline. Source: Phandroid.
Below is a list of codename and their respective processors. This list will be updated with further specifications / info as and when.

Akane - MSM7230
Anzu - mooted to be the X10 upgrade to be marketed as the Xperia Neo and featuring MSM7230 as the processor.
Hallon - MSM7230 - Vivaz with Android?
Iyokan - MSM7230
Lychee - MSM7230
Mango - MSM7230 - Xperia Pro Succesor or Xperia Duo
Mogami - MSM7230
Monika - QSD8250.
Smultron - MSM7230
Zeus_256 - MSM7230 Xperia branded gaming phone with dedicated game pad controls.
Y10 Zeus - MSM7230 - MSM7230 Xperia branded gaming phone with dedicated game pad controls.
Sony, on the 26th of April, announces two tablet devices the S1 and S2. See here.

Xperia Arc posters pictured at CES in January at Las Vegas.

Ericsson U8500 - Sony Ericsson is developing devices which will support LTE networks in high-end smart phones, the company will use the ST-ericsson U8500 platform, which features a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processors, support for 1080p HD video recording and playback capacity, and a mobile phone chipset that comes with HDMI video output pretext .

NFC technology coming to Sony Ericsson phones soon. This will allow mobile payments simply by swiping the phone over a payment terminal.
Announced Phones and Devices
Xperia Neo V - 25th August 2011 - Official Thread.
Live with Walkman - 22nd August 2011 - Official Thread
Xperia Active - 21 June 2011 - Official Thread
Xperia Ray - 21 June 2011 - Official Thread
Next Gen Mini and Pro - 5 May 2011 - Official Thread
Walkman X8 - 21 April 2011 - Official Thread
Xperia Neo and Pro - 13 February 2011 - Official Thread
Xperia Play - 13 February 2011 - Official Thread
Xperia Arc - 06 January 2011 - Official Thread
Press Quotes
Stephen Sneeden Product Marketing Manager - Several more CDMA phones will arrive in the US and LTE confirmed as being on the roadmap -
CTO Jan Uddenfeldt - On the US market, LTE and tablet discussions with Sony -
Bert Nordberg on aiming to become the No1 Android Vendor - CNET Interview.
Bert Nordberg hints at making a lot of noise at Mobile World Congress in February. WSJ Online.
Kaz Hirai - head of the Sony's PlayStation division explaining that Sony's not looking to compete against the more casual offerings on iOS and Android.
Steve Walker on Near Field Communications (NFC) Pocket Lint.
Steve Walker confirming the Mini range for 2011Pocket Lint

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